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Why Bother?

Why Bother?

So I finished my novel,  wrote all the promotion material, and submitted my stuff to more than a dozen agents. One said they were interested and never got back to me, another, the email didn’t go through, and two more rejected my pitch with nice encouraging comments. Now the doubt  begins to worm its way […]

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

May 21st, 1930. My father, nineteen years old is released from prison and deported to Canada where he was born. He had served three years in the US Washington state prison for adults after stealing a government cheque for $65. As a convicted criminal he was banned for life from returning to his homeland in […]

My First Job

It is Wednesday teen and twenty night at the Winter Gardens. Pauline, my best friend twirls me around to the band belting out ‘In the Mood.’ The floor is packed with over a hundred of us in a frenzy jive. On the balcony surounding the floor, Royal Air Force boys in grey uniforms watch. They […]

Bridging the Gap

A few days ago, my good friend Barbara Blouin died. I am filled with sadness and gratitude; for her release from pain and suffering, and for her long and enduring friendship. Barbara and I met through our work as social workers in Nova Scotia, both gaining Masters degrees as mature students; hers following a PhD […]

When the Magpie Calls

Morgwyth’s story begins on the playground of her new school in a small coastal town in England. At first she appears as a regular nine year old. Very quickly however, her odd name and extraordinary gifts label her as strangely different to the other kids.