Cheryl Harawitz

My debut novel, When the Magpie Calls begins on the playground of Morgwyth’s new school in a small coastal town in England. At first she appears as a regular nine year old. But very quickly, her odd name and extraordinary gifts label her as weird to the other kids. Because she can see and hear what birds and animals think, and in her dreams forms a bond with a wolf-weasel creature, Morgwyth lives between two worlds. Strong, feisty and vulnerable she faces cruelty from the class bully Marc Colbrooke and his friends. Luckily her teacher Miss James believes Morgwyth has something special and is pleased to see her make friends with Teresa Finnegan. But Teresa’s upper-class mother is dead set against the friendship, preferring to keep Teresa bonded to her own best friend’s daughter, Lisa. Meantime two mythical characters, Sheolduff and Gorth, fearing their survival if Morgwyth discovers her power, use their shapeshifting tricks and illusions to confuse and distract her. Will Mrs. Finnegan succeed in destroying Morgwyth’s friendship with Teresa? When Miss James’s engagement ring and other items go missing, Marc and Lisa lead the chorus of accusations against Morgwyth. Will she be able to defeat all of these forces?  Can Morgwyth succeed in gaining recognition and honor for her unique abilities.

A good story sheds light on our experience, bringing us closer in our understanding of each other as human beings and all sentient beings. Like songs there can never be too many stories, whether told over camp fires, drawn on cave walls or painted to capture an illusive feeling. These are some of the stories that have shaped and inspired me in ways I could never have imagined at the time.