I’ve been incredibly fortunate in finding people willing to share their stories and themselves in my own creative pursuits. In Alameda California where I now live, I found a group of artists who encouraged me to make art, exhibit my work and open my own art studio.  www.backstreet-studio.com 

In 2019, we founded the ArtPush non-profit art association. Our first book, EAST BAY ARTISTS 2020, features the work of a hundred amazingly talented artists. The project was driven in part by the Covid 19 Pandemic when visiting galleries was not possible; but the real inspiration came from the artists who capture and hold the myths, beliefs and stories of these times. Since the book was launched, many of us meet virtually telling our stories, the inspiration for our work and sharing experiences of how we deal with isolation during the Pandemic. Feelings of connection, relief of loneliness, new insights; the list goes on and on. Through sharing our stories we are strengthened, become inspired and feel deep appreciation for each other.

My love of elephants inspired several paintings and a Save the Elephants fundraiser.